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About Us

     Skipping Stones is John and Karen Capper, seasoned musical artists who play a unique variety of both cover songs and original songs. Based in Western Wisconsin, the duo performs at a wide range of venues and events in the surrounding region. John plays the guitar and sings while Karen sings, plays the guitar, keyboard, and some flute and small percussion instruments. Skipping Stones is rooted in classic rock, but the artists also play some blues, country, and contemporary songs. They produce a surprisingly full sound, with rich harmonies and quality instrumentation. A Skipping Stones audience can expect to experience one-of-a-kind renditions of choice songs delivered in a genuine and impassioned performance.



For the past 11 years, Skipping Stones has been performing in various locations in Wisconsin and Minnesota...although, we would gladly travel farther under the right conditions. We have played music at a variety of venues such as pubs/bars and other business establishments, weddings, company parties, fairs, festivals,  and other outdoor events.  

Skipping Stones

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  • Composing
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